Frupi nectars

Apple nectar

The backbone of the FRUPI family of nectars is an apple fruity drink, made from non-spurted Kozjansko apples – Bobovec. This clear nectar is still the most popular with consumers of all ages. Beneficial for sleeping, calming and against depression.



Orange nectar

Rich nectar made of oranges. Oranges are the most common citrus consumed in this part of Europe, containing 14 vitamins and selenium, aiding to strengthening the immune system. Oranges are rich in vitamin C which is useful in skin cell renewal. The nectar is made from the concentrated orange juice and is without preservatives.


FRUPI orange nectar – for all orange fans.



Pineapple nectar

Pineapple nectar aims at all having a tropical flavour. Pineapple is rich in vitamins and minerals. It contains much biotin, vitamins-primarily vitamins E, B12 and C- and more than 15 mineral substances. Lately, there has been much debate on enzyme bromelain, also called »weight loss secret «. Thus, pineapple nectar is a versatile beverage.

FRUPI pineapple nectar is made from concentrated pineapple juice and has a minimal 50% fruit content.



Frupi fruity drinks


Fruity drink multivitamin offers a mixture of 10 types of fruit, 9 vitamins and 1provitamin. The mixture of various fruits provides for an unique taste. This rich multivitamin mixture is made from concentrated juices and fruit mashes of various proportions, containing apples, oranges, pineapples, lemons, passion fruits, grapes and mandarins and fruit mashes from bananas, apricots and nectarine.




Does anyone remember Elderflower cordial? …that sour sweet beverage made from elderflower, lemons and sugar, properly chilled being a unique summer refreshment. Elderflower cordial is like summer in a glass. We produce this beverage under the name of Šebesa, made from apples and natural aroma of elderflower. Enjoy the summer – drink FRUPI Šebesa.



FRUPI fruity drink orange, lime - 12% fruit content

In Vitalu Mestinje, we have also developed two new fruity drinks under the FRUPI trade mark, bottled into wide neck bottles containing 1 litre. The fruity drinks are FREE from artificial additives and artificial sweeteners, and carry the S sign – buy Slovene. By developing these two new fruity drinks, we are the first Slovene producer to offer fruity drinks bottled into wide neck 1 litre bottles.

The new shape of the wide neck bottle enables simple use of quality and refreshing beverages by Vital.



FRUPI fruity drink redcurrant, raspberry - 10% fruit content

Fruity drink FREE of artificial colourings and artificial sweeteners, also carrying the S sign – buy Slovene.  By developing these two new fruity drinks, we are the first Slovene producer to offer fruity drinks bottled in wide neck 1 litre bottles. The new shape of the wide neck bottle enables simple use of quality and refreshing beverages by Vital.



Frupi fruit syrups

Frupi fruit syrup apple

Its highness: the apple. An apple a day keeps the doctor away. This is true for the fruit retaining youth, being the symbol of renovation and eternal freshness. Apples contain important non-saturated fatty acids, vitamins and dietary minerals, due to its natural acidic content considered a natural refresher. FRUPI fruit syrup from apples is made from quality apple concentrate and is without sweeteners.



Frupi fruit syrup cranberry

Cranberry red berries are usually not consumed raw. Cranberry syrup has an amazing and unique fruity- tannin taste and is made from concentrated cranberry juice without sweeteners. Cranberries are healthy, containing large quantities of vitamin C, provitamin A, vitamins B1, B2 and B3, potassium and magnesium. Cranberries also stimulate blood flow and digestion. Cranberry syrup is an indispensable additive to trendy cocktails and mixed beverages.



Frupi fruit syrup elderflower

Elderflower was sometimes also called »healing chest of rural population«. Thus, it is a medicinal herb highly in regard by our grandmothers. Beneficial in diabetes, lowering temperature and cold, hay fever, stimulates sweat glands, cleans blood... thus, FRUPI syrup from elderflower is for thirst and health.



Frupi fruit syrup raspberry - redcurrant

Red berry fans claim that it cannot be compared to strawberries, since raspberries are much more tasteful. Containing much vitamin C, vitamin A and B complex vitamins, and also potassium, phosphorus, magnesium and iron. FRUPI »raspberry« is adequate for all seasons, having numerous consumers.



Frupi fruit syrup ACE

Mixed fruit syrup with added A, C and E vitamins. FRUPI ACE syrup contains rich fruit juices from orange, pineapple, lemon, apple and passion fruit concentrates. Ideal solution for your thirst, satisfying needs for multiple types of fruit.



Frupi fruit syrup orange - pineapple

Last but not least, refreshing fruit syrup orange – pineapple, ideal combination for numerous tropical fans.

Amazing refreshment during hot summer days and, simultaneously, ideal solution for your thirst-satisfying needs for multiple types of fruit.



Bibita beverages

Bibita beverages are refreshing non-alcoholic low energy carbonated drinks.

New, higher quality Bibitas are available, free from artificial colourings and sweeteners in a handy 1.5 L package.


The 2 L plastic bottles offer the following flavours: tonic, lemon, light and orange. Bottled into 2 L PET plastic bottles.