Radenska Classic

Radenska Classic boasts a rich content and an excellent combination of diluted mineral substances, as well as natural carbon dioxide bubbles. Thanks to the composition of Radenska Classic – it is particularly rich in calcium and magnesium – drinking it provides the body with the right quantity of mineral substances. Radenska Classic is a natural mineral water with naturally occurring carbon dioxide, gushing from the depths of the earth, as true mineral water should. Radenska Classic is recommended as a thirst quencher, but also to replace lost fluids and minerals following physical strain and during athletic and recreational sporting activities.


Radenska Light

Radenska Light Natural mineral water is rich with minerals and contains less carbon dioxide bubbles than Radenska Classic. This is appropriate for those who are bothered by the prickling of bubbles. Owing to the harmonic balance of dissolved minerals and the lower content of carbon dioxide, this water is very appropriate for quenching thirst and replacing lost minerals. It is recommended for sportsmen and amateurs to be drunk during as well as after exercising.



Radenska Naturelle

 First and foremost, the Radenska Naturelle water is special due to its age, for it came into being 12,000 years ago. All this time, it has stayed in the depths of the earth, untouched and pure. It is classified as still natural mineral water with low sodium content. The concentration of significant mineral substances is ideal: it gives the water a harmonious and well-rounded taste. We recommend it for all occasions, for sporting activities or when all you want is to simply quench your thirst and freshen up.


Radenska Plus

These products are Slovenia’s first functional waters, which means they contain functional additives that benefit our physical well-being and prepare us for everyday challenges. The basis is a natural non-carbonated mineral water, while the collection contains B vitamins and features various flavours. Two products contain Beneo nutritional fibres: Radenska Plus Protect for strong bones and Radenska Plus Balance for balanced digestion. The functional additive in Radenska Plus BodyShape and Radenska Plus Feel Good is L-carnitine, a nutrient that helps with burning  body fat. Radenska Plus are all very low in caloric value and do not contain artificial sweeteners or crystalline sugar; they are sweetened with fructose. The products are bottled in aseptic facilities, so they do not contain any preservatives.



Oaza is a still soft drink with a low energy value. A pure everyday refreshment. Oaza is made with Radenska spring water, which is deemed one of Slovenia’s purest packaged waters. It is sweetened with fructose. It comes in six refreshing flavours: Oaza cherry – white tea; Oaza apple – green tea; Oaza red grapes – rooibos; Oaza elderberry – white tea; Oaza apricot – white tea; and Oaza peach, passion fruit – white tea. It is bottled in aseptic facilities, so it does not contain any preservatives.

Carbonated soft drinks


Ora is a refreshing soft drink based on plant extracts, which are mixed with natural mineral or spring water that contains own carbon dioxide. It is one of Slovenia’s oldest and best loved brands. Its pleasant flavours (original, exotic, green, lemon, peach and bitter lemon) delight the most discerning consumers.



Stil is a carbonated soft drink with a low energy value, in a 2-litre bottle that is particularly well-suited for consumption at home. It contains natural Radenska mineral water, natural flavourings and aromas and no preservatives. It is a dietetic product with added vitamin C. It is available in two  well established flavours: Stil Orange and Stil Lemon.



Pepsi is a beverage that gives you impetus to demand more from the average everyday. It gives you strength to navigate through life more skilfully. Simply because the best is no longer good enough! Pepsi is a refreshing drink made with plant extracts and coloured with caramel that always tastes excellent.


Radenska ACE

Radenska ACE is a non-carbonated soft drink with fruit, based on the Radenska spring water. Thanks to its advantageous combination of sugar and sweeteners, it has an approximately 50% lower energy value. It contains an optimal vitamin balance: pro-vitamin A benefits eyesight, vitamin C enhances the immune system, vitamin E protects from arteriosclerosis and stimulates the formation of red blood cells.



Radenska ICE TEA

Radenska Ice Tea is an iced tea made from plant extracts, but based on Radenska natural mineral water. Radenska iced teas do not contain caffeine so they are well suited to children too. The family of Radenska iced teas consists of: Radenska Ice Tea  forest fruit with hibiscus and Radenska Ice Tea indian fig with rose-hip. They do not contain artificial sweeteners and preservatives.



Radenska Sprint

Radenska Sprint is an isotonic drink intended to help regenerate the body after physical and mental stress and effort. At Radenska, where we live and breathe nature and sports, we annually organise the now traditional Three Hearts Marathon (Maraton treh src) and other sporting events. This is why we know that in order to train and perform as intended, each and every professional or recreational athlete needs a drink that will restore the body’s lost fluids, energy, vitamins and minerals as quickly as possible. A drink that also quenches the thirst and provides pleasant refreshment.