Beer with signature

Laško Special is to be considered a versatile beverage, to be enjoyed in moderation, sharing and respect. Each sip reveals the creativity and passion of its manufacturers and the wholeness of its ingredients.


Laško Special represents the attachment to tradition and the propensity for novelties, the addition of acquired knowledge and the inclusion of refreshing and interesting features. It is the product of an adapted, small-scale production of specially treated and recreated beer varieties, the so called craft beers. The basis is the same as in every Laško beer – flawless, pristine ingredients. What sets them apart from the rest are individual technological processes and the personal engagement of our experts, certified literally by their signature, in the area of beer brewing, quality and development.


The result is a combination of the already established classic beer and the current chic trends – the Laško Special. Even those who are indifferent toward beer quickly notice that is something special. These are just some of the features that make it stand out: A smaller, pot-bellied bottle made of dark, green glass. Paper, similar to that used in the first half of the 20th century. Front label with signature and numbering. Back label in red or silver, depending on the line. A tulip-shaped cognac glass.


We have been building the reputation of Laško brewing for almost 200 years. By

sticking to the same, simple and at the same time complex, recipe: preserving tradition, respecting heritage, developing and testing novelties, following trends and meticulously ensuring the quality of all brewing ingredients, of every beer, of the entire Laško brand.




Times are changing faster and more dramatically than ever before. Through it all, the brewing process remains a focus of primary knowledge, and this knowledge reveres beer as a natural food. At Pivovarna Laško, we’ve made due consideration of progress, but we still abide by the ancient traditions of master brewers: