Laško Malt

Laško Malt

"It's easier to start when you know what's waiting for you at the end."


Laško Malt is a carbonated refreshing beverage based on malt extract and comes in three fresh flavours: strawberry, pineapple and apple. It is suitable for everyone who finds the taste of beer and barley malt appealing but doesn't drink alcoholic beverages.


Laško Malt is ideal refreshment for people characterized by a dynamic lifestyle and actively involved in sports. With an alcohol level of 0.0 Laško Malt fills the gap in the Laško brand product range, following global trends which predict a bright future for malt beverages.


Laško Malt is the ally of "0.0" drivers.


Times are changing faster and more dramatically than ever before. Through it all, the brewing process remains a focus of primary knowledge, and this knowledge reveres beer as a natural food. At Pivovarna Laško, we’ve made due consideration of progress, but we still abide by the ancient traditions of master brewers: