The greatest award to Pivovarna Laško are our satisfied consumers who loyally trust our products and their quality. This is complemented by numerous domestic and foreign awards.


Monde Selection awards quality

Beverages of Pivovarna Laško received three golden medals at the prestigious international competition Monde Selection 2011. Golden medals were awarded to all three competing beers: Laško Zlatorog, Laško Dark and Jubilejnik.


Pivovarna Laško, with its beers, has been participating in this international quality competition, and has received numerous medals for a wide variety of products. During the 5 last years, the golden medal was awarded to Bandidos Ice in 2006, the grand golden medal in 2007 was awarded to Laško Dark. In 2007 and 2008, Pivovarna Laško did not participate with its umbrella brand, as the latter was facing a complete makeover of its image. In 2010, four products from Pivovarna Laško competed for prestigious world awards and received three golden and one silver medal.


The winners of the international competition Monde Selection, where more than 2.200 products from eighty countries compete for prices each year, are announced at the final event. Products at Monde Selection are ranked by seventy experts in various fields, therefore, in Pivovarna Laško we are proud of our achievements for a reason. 



World Selection Monde Selection Brussels

1976ZLATOROGsilver medal
1977ZLATOROG golden medal
 LAŠKI GOLDINGgolden medal
 TERMALNI DESERTgolden medal
1980LAŠKI GOLDINGgolden medal
 ZLATOROGsilver medal
1981TERMALNI DESERTgolden medal
 LAŠKI GOLDINGgolden medal
 ZLATOROGsilver medal
1983ZLATOROGgolden medal
1984ZLATOROGgolden medal
 GOLDHORNgolden medal
1987ZLATOROGsilver medal
1992TERMALNI DESERTgolden medal
 ZLATOROGgolden medal
 ZLATOROG CLUBgolden medal
1994TERMALNI DESERTgolden medal
 LAHKO LAŠKOsilver medal
1995ZLATOROGsilver medal
 TERMALNI DESERTgolden medal
 LAHKO LAŠKOgolden medal
 GOLDHORN CLUBgolden medal
1997TEMNO LAŠKOsilver medal
 GOLDHORNgolden medal
1999ZLATOROGgolden medal
 TEMNO LAŠKOgolden medal
 ZLATOROG CLUBgolden medal
 ROLERgolden medal
2001ZLATOROGgolden medal
 TEMNO PIVOgolden medal
 NETOPIRgolden medal
2006ZLATOROGsilver medal
 LAHKO LAŠKObronze medal
 BANDIDOS ICEgrand golden medal
2007ZLATOROGsilver medal
 TEMNO LAŠKOgrand golden medal

golden medal


golden medal


golden medal


silver medal


golden medal


golden medal


golden medal



Award Trusted Brand

Trade mark Laško has received the title TRUSTED BRAND – the most trusted trade mark in BEER category for four years consecutively.


Selection of most trusted brands Trusted Brand has been carried out in fifteen European countries, contrary to previous years, in 2011, the survey in Slovenia and Croatia was included into the Pan-European Reader’s Digest European Trusted Brands Survey.


Data processing and tabling for all countries, which carried out the survey via mail (Slovenia also), was carried out by Wyman Dillon Ltd., registered in Bristol.


The standard draft includes 20 categories, supplemented by additional categories according to country, during the last 4 years also beer. Readers in Slovenia give their marks in 38 categories.



 In recent history Pivovarna Laško has achieved significant results in major world competitions. In 2005, in Munich at the Brewing industry international awards competition Laško Dark qualified for the second round of the competition and received good marks.


In 2006, the Club line received two from three possible stars in The Superior Taste Award in Brussels.


In May, 2008, after the renovation of the Laško trade mark, Pivovarna Laško received the CroPak award for Laško Club beer for the 0,33L bottle, in the category »Foreign production/series in Croatian market« for the best foreign package.


The greatest award to Pivovarna Laško are our satisfied consumers who loyally trust out products and their quality. This is complemented by numerous domestic and foreign awards.