Union Pale Beer

Top quality of Union pale beer is ensured by contemporary technology and brewing tradition, carefully nourished since. Full aroma with mild bitterness, pleasant taste and sparkling gold-yellow colour ensure a gastronomic enjoyment to every consumer of Union beer.


Union Dark Beer

Union Dark beer is a desert dark beer of top quality. Previously, dark beer was brewed and traditionally consumed during winter time. In order to enjoy the dark beer during summer months, we have started to brew a lighter, more consumable dark beer in Pivovarna Union. 


Union Non-alcoholic Beer

Union non-alcoholic beer is a natural beverage for all who enjoy the taste of beer, but do not wish or are not allowed to consume alcohol. It has been developed by Pivovarna Union, and we are still the only producer of alcohol-free beer in Slovenia. Union alcohol-free is an isotonic beverage enabling body liquid balance in the body.


Union Premium Beer

Union Premium is a beer we've brewed with a special purpose – to satisfy even the most demanding consumers and beer fans. The beer is fermented according to the Reinheitsgebot (German Act on Beer Purity), having a slightly higher, 5,3% vol., alcohol level and prestigious hops' extract.


Union Smile Beer

Trendy beer from Pivovarna Union, intended primarily for younger consumers, is Union Smile. Fermented only from malt, noble taste and with characteristic hops bitterness.

The right beverage for cheerful people - Union Smile - beer with a smile!


Union Pils

Union Pils is a beer manufactured according to our own original procedure of brewing Pils beers. With its unique freshness, it always demands drinking. Pils is a beer for consumers who know to appreciate special types of beer having hops’ taste.


Union Radler: Red Orange, Lemon and Grapefruit

Are you also always in a dilemma? Beer or women... In the end, enjoy refreshment with the flavours of Radler- red orange, lemon and grapefruit.



With its fresh, fruity flavour, Radler will convince even your female companion that beer is not only for Him, but also for Her. Now, watching TV with your friends along with a bottle of beer will not irritate »your old lady«, with Union Radler being the proof that a sip of beer is an extraordinary experience. Both of you will enjoy »Refreshment in the end!«


Refreshing mixture of beer and flavoured soda has only 2,5 % vol. of alcohol, its unique taste is refreshing even before you reach the end…


Non-alcoholic collection

Multi Sola

Multi Sola is a multivitamin non-alcoholic beverage with mixed fruit juice. The 12% fruit content in this product is made from concentrated fruit juice of nine types of fruit: orange, lemon, pineapple, white grape, passion fruit, apricot, banana, mango and guava. 100 ml of Multi Sole contains at least 15% of recommended daily allowance of the aforementioned vitamins. Preservative-free.


Sola Lemonade

Newcomer from Pivovarna Union, well-suited for summer heat, is simply named Lemonade. 


No, it's not a new TV series, but the well-known refreshment, also a source of vitamin C.  Medium sweet with the right amount of its own character. It joins the rest of the refreshing beverages of the Sola collection, teasing during hot summer months.


Our Lemonade is made from lime and orange juices and, of course, lemons. It does not contain preservatives or artificial colourings. 


Sola Lemonade is the ultimate choice for summer heat!


Sola Ice Tea

Sola ice tea peach is a non-carbonated non-alcoholic beverage made from herbal extracts. Besides peach juice, it also contains the natural extracts of rose hip and black tea, giving it a low concentration of theanine, which is a natural component of black tea, similar to caffeine. Preservative-free.  


Sola ice tea zero peach is a low energy non-carbonated non-alcoholic beverage from herbal extracts beneficial to your smile and waist. Since Zero is sugar-free, even diabetics can enjoy it, the fact that it contains only 1.9 calories brings a smile to your face.


Sola ice tea American cranberry, apple and lemon is a non-carbonated non-alcoholic beverage from herbal extracts. American cranberries are red berries cultivated is some of the mild climate regions of North America. The beverage has a pleasant bitter taste, unique aroma and is preservative-free.


Sola ice tea lemon is not interested in trends, it always serves the real tea. 


Sola ice tea orange is a flirting youngster, embarrassedly red. 


New!  Peach and Lemon have new, even more attractive suits. The bottle!






Sola isosport

Sola Isosport is a non-carbonated isotonic beverage with refreshing taste of lemon and grapefruit.





Za Life, Harmony, Symphony and Fantasy

Za Life is a non-carbonated non-alcoholic beverage with apple juice (3%), enriched with magnesium and vitamins. Perfect balance of Za Harmony lies in the aroma of white peach and the freshness of aloe vera, along with added three per cent of juice. Beverage Za symphony offers pleasant pear flavour and extracts of lemon balm. It contains 3% of fruit juice originating from grape sugar. Za Fantasy is a low energy non-carbonated non-alcoholic beverage having red orange flavour and açai. It contains 3% of fruit juice originating from grape sugar.


Za sport contains calcium and magnesium, B complex vitamins, natural aromas, and is preservative-free.



The new plastic half-litre bottle is the lightest among all the Slovene producers. It is light and user-friendly. Besides this, a lighter bottle means less waste plastic and thus, lower environment burdening. 


The spring water Zala is pumped from our own springs Zala (U-3, U-8) within the area of Pivovarna Union, where water is protected from the external influences with non-porous layers of stone. Besides our internal services, the quality of Zala is monitored by the Institution of the Republic of Slovenia for Health Protection in Ljubljana. The spring water Zala complies with high international standards of quality. It is the first spring water in Slovenia that has the NSF Certificate, granted by an independent American company for monitoring water quality.




Malt beverages are a new trend in the non-alcoholic beverages' domain. Malt beverage MALT is a refreshing carbonated beverage, bottled into 0.33 L bottles, visually similar to beer, but does not contain alcohol (0.0 %), since it is not fermented. Due to added extract of the barley malt and caramel, the colour is yellowish. Malt is soaked, germinated and then dried barley manufactured in specialised plants and used in beer production. During germination numerous biochemical changes take place, because of which malt contains numerous vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. During drying malt, numerous melanoidins are formed influencing the colour and aroma. Because of this, the natural extract of malt provides a characteristic smell and taste to the beverage, separating this beverage from other refreshing non-alcoholic beverages. The taste and smell of malt is complemented by the pleasant fruity aroma of pineapple.