Oda, Spring water

Oda. Only water.

It flows, murmurs and quenches the thirst. Clear, light and eternal. Undisturbed, all by itself, it seeps through the natural rock filter. It sneaks through tall beech trees that have been embracing and protecting it for centuries, guarding the treasure of the depths. Caught in the beauty of a new image, but still unrestrained and free enough, with the flavour of an untamed spirit.

Pearl of the depths. A sip of nature. Ode to life. A promise to the environment. An escape.





Lurd. Past the town of Laško. Through the Rimske Toplice hot springs. In close proximity, under mighty treetops casting protecting shadow, in the middle of an idyllic unpopulated forest. Over untouched hills to intact trees. Surrounded by penetrating bright sun rays that illuminate this hidden pearl of the depths. There it seeps through a multi-layered natural dolomite filter. It flows with light freshness, eternal stability and recognisable fullness.


Lurd. Protected forest source of the Oda spring water.



Untouched, just like nature wants it. Quality spring water that belongs to the very European top. Perfected by a long process of seeping through layers of dolomite rock. It boasts a rich mixture of natural carbon dioxide that preserves its freshness. At the same time, every sip is worth being taken, due to its beneficial composition, by all generations.



It is a safe choice by consumers, since it meets the highest quality standards with its regular obligatory control checks. Ensuring its genuineness is top priority. Deep underground, it is unaffected by neither calamities nor by rainwater. It is protected from all external influences. It is the foundation of life. Its desire to surface is so strong that there is no need to pump it. Without performing any processing we just filter it, protect it and ensure its purity. We catch it in an upright, elegant, light image, ready for another sip.


Oda. Only water.


Caught soul and beauty of the forest which is home to only water. Oda.


Slim and fierce, like the trees that protect its spring in their shadow. Flowing forward, toward the future. Its elegance and simplicity emphasis content. Only water, period.


Not just beautiful, but also environmentally friendly. A quarter lighter than the previous plastic bottle and its production requires less material and energy. A lower cap also contributes to a lighter weight.


We added the inscription Oda spring water in Braille on the bottle for an easier identification by the visually impaired.