Beer brewing in Laško is based on the love for this noble beverage. The brewery was founded by Franz Geyer, a gingerbread baker and mead producer. The love for beer brewing was soon joined by knowledge. Before the end of the 19th century, Simon Kukec, a nationally conscious Slovenian entrepreneur and developer, established a new type of beer and the first beer brand - the thermal beer. 


In the 20th century Laško beer is exported all the way to India! Wars and the economic crisis affected the development, however, they do not interrupt it. Even in 1944, when the brewery was bombed to the ground, the brewing spirit did not falter – production restarted already the first year after the liberation. At the end of the 80s, Pivovarna Laško became the leading brewery in former Yugoslavia, a country with a population of 22 million, with its own resources and knowledge. In 1990, it sold over 1,000,000 hl of beer.


The entry into the 21st century was marked by Slovenia's independence and European integration. In the beginning, this would take its toll, however, a fully competitive production in terms of capacity and technological capability could soon measure up with the largest breweries. 


We as proud heirs of one of the longest brewing traditions are aware that we are living in times the only constant of which are changes. Changes of technologies, know-how, strategies, markets, business and purchasing habits. Despite a turbulent period, we are continuing the path set by our ancestors and following the set goals with confidence.


All those who want to know a little bit more about our beers are kindly invited to read attached Brochures: Story of a Slovenian brewer and Quality always prevails.



Laško Zlatorog

Zlatorog is a pale beer with a specific taste, rich in foam and characteristic bitterness achieved by worldwide known Slovene sorts of hops. By using the best ingredients and the most contemporary technological achievements, it is brewed according to traditional recipes which have remained unchanged for decades.



Full of Pride!



Laško Draught Beer

Imagine being served with a properly pumped beer in a proper glass by a friendly bartender, with a steady head and adequate tray. Satisfaction for all senses and complete enjoyment. This is the reason why beer fans most often drink Draught. 


Draught is significant for us, therefore, we have produced, in order to celebrate our symbol Zlatorog (Goldhorn), very special glassware. It embodies values and tradition. The shape of the glassware represents the beginnings of brewing beer: the brewing tank, its tap, the horn of Goldhorn, the signature at the bottom indicating origin, and last, but not least - its proud stand, reflecting the proud stand of the people who enable the noble beverage to be produced everyday and to satisfy the most demanding consumer with its quality.


Of course, one cannot turn a blind eye to the fact that this enjoyment is only possible in HoReCa premises where it can be properly served. It takes a lot of knowledge, experience and familiarity with culture of serving beer to tap and serve beer properly. 


Cleaning beer kegs, taps and the rest of the kit is a condition to be served with the beverage one expects. Therefore, customers themselves, with their criticism, contribute to the increase of the beer culture, if one points out errors to the bartender.  



Laško Club

Laško Club is a pale beer with specific sweet character and mild bitterness, made of top domestic and foreign recognised sorts of hop. Due to longer fermentation periods, minimal use of non-sugared types of wheat and higher percentage of malt, it is classified as a premium beer.     It has rich taste and is adequate for special occasions: dinner with friends, business meetings... or a party with friends in your favourite pub. We are proud to call it: Our best!

Laško Light

Laško Light is a pale beer, rich in taste, lower in alcohol and calories. A typical representative of European types of light beer, it represents a winning combination for all who restrain themselves from their favourite beverage due to the nature of their work, dedication to active sport, volatility of body weight. It can be enjoyed without moral hangover in a cold glass... or directly from the bottle. Easily!

Laško Dark

Laško Dark is a special dark beer with a specific aroma of caramel and colour malt. High percentage of extract in malt gives the beer its harmonic taste with the characteristic bitterness. It is also characterised by a higher content of alcohol, 5,9%. It represents the pinnacle of the brewing art. It can be enjoyed in special moments with special friends. For fans!

Laško Malt

Laško Malt is a carbonated refreshment beverage made from malt base, in two refreshing flavours: apple and peach. Suitable for all having beer and malt taste, but do not consume alcohol. Due to its low content in calories, both flavours having only slightly above 20 kcal/100ml, Laško Malt is ideal refreshment for all those having active lifestyle and actively practicing sports.  

Having 0.0 percentage of alcohol, Laško Malt complements the gap between the products of the umbrella brand Laško, and, thus, the global trends forecasting a bright future for malt products.

Beer and man have been friends for thousands of years. They were first united by nature.  In time, they would be connected by curiosity, the transfer of skills, knowledge and technology. Flavour is changing, the brewing process is refining, but that primary, unique feeling remains. Unaltered.