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Announcement on the Supervisory Board session of Pivovarna Laško, d.d.

Pursuant to the provisions of the Financial Instruments Market Act (ZTFI) and the Rules and Regulations of the Ljubljana Stock Exchange, d.d., Pivovarna Laško, d.d., Trubarjeva 28, 3270 Laško, hereby makes the following announcement:


At the 25th regular session held on May 11, 2015, the company Supervisory Board adopted the following major resolutions:
- the Supervisory Board was presented the activities of the Management Board pursuant to the provisions of the Business Cooperation Agreement signed on April 13, 2015, with the company Heineken International B.V., Amsterdam;
- the Supervisory Board was presented the reports by the Human Resource Committee and the Audit Committee;
- the Supervisory Board confirmed the convocation and the materials for the 23rd Shareholders Assembly of Pivovarna Laško, d.d., which is to take place on June 19, 2015
- the Supervisory Board was presented the progress of Laško Group divestments;
- the Supervisory Board was presented the key capital adequacy indicators and the solvency position of Pivovarna Laško, d.d., according to the Financial Operations, Insolvency Proceedings and Compulsory Dissolution Act (the ZFPPIPP). The Management Board believes that no measures pursuant to the ZFPPIPP are required at this time;
- the Supervisory Board was presented a reports on outstanding or pending legal matters;
- the Supervisory Board approved the proposed coverage of loss at Jadranska pivovara – Split, d.d., by conversion of Pivovarna Laško, d.d., receivables amounting to EUR 1.3 million into share premium of this company.


Laško, May 11, 2015                            Management Board