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Announcement on regulated information

Pursuant to the provisions of the Financial Instruments Market Act (ZTFI) and the Rules and Regulations of the Ljubljana Stock Exchange, d.d., Pivovarna Laško, d.d., Trubarjeva 28, 3270 Laško, hereby makes the following announcement:

After the Denationalization Act came into effect, 304 denationalization claims were filed against the equity of Pivovarna Laško, then a state company, of which 286 claims were from former shareholders for the recovery of the shares of Gostilničarka pivovarna, d.d., Laško, and 18 were claims for the collection of a loan provided by some of the then shareholders to Gostilničarka pivovarna, d.d., Laško, before World War II.

Therefore, Pivovarna Laško reserved 471,284 shares of Pivovarna Laško, d.d., in the process of ownership transformation, pursuant to the relevant law. In the period until the entry of the ownership transformation into the court register, 295,423 shares had already been returned/recovered; the remaining 175,861 shares were transferred to the then Slovenska razvojna družba (Development Corporation of Slovenia), today D.S.U., d.o.o.

Pursuant to Article 51 of the Act Concluding the Ownership Transformation and Privatization of Legal Entities Owned by the Development Corporation of Slovenia (ZZLPPO), the shares that were insured in the process of ownership transformation at D.S.U., d.o.o., to the benefit of denationalization beneficiaries, yet their transfer to the denationalization beneficiaries was rejected with a final court decision because denationalization was not possible, shall be offered by the D.S.U. to the shareholders, proportionally to their respective shareholdings, in exchange for cash contributions.

The value of shares is to be determined pursuant to the ZZLPPO.

Pivovarna Laško, d.d., hereby informs the shareholders, that it has, upon request by the D.S.U., dated November 11, 2014, and working with its attorneys, reviewed the documentation for the 304 procedures regarding denationalization beneficiaries, conducted in the last 20 years and more, involving the shares of Pivovarna Laško, and obtained, based on information available to Pivovarna Laško, d.d., and its legal consultants, all decisions regarding these procedures, which have been finally resolved. Pivovarna Laško, d.d., shall submit the report on this review, complete with all decisions, to the D.S.U., d.o.o., by the end of this week.   
Laško, April 13, 2015                 Management Board