Laško Group

Company profile


Trubarjeva 28,

3270 Laško


T: +386 3 734 80 00

F: +386 3 573 18 17

E: info[@]




Entry in the register of companies:

application reg. number 1/00171/00

at the District Court of Celje

Court order number SRG 95/00673, of September 1995.


Abbreviated company name: PIVOVARNA LAŠKO, d. d.

Organisational type: public limited company


Chairman of the Board: Dušan Zorko, MSc

Member of the Board: Mirjam Hočevar, responsible for finances

Member of the Board: Gorazd Lukman, responsible for sales and commerce

Member of the Board: Marjeta Zevnik, responsible for legal, staff and general field

Member of the Board: Matej Oset, production - technical field


Chairman of the Supervisory Board: Goran Brankovič


Share capital: 36,503,305 EUR

Number of shares issued: 8,747,652 no-par value shares

Share quotation: Ljubljanska borza, d. d., stock exchange listing of regular shares

Share label: PILR


Registration number: 5049318

Tax number: 90355580

Activity code: 11.050


Type of business and principal activity:



Transaction accounts:

Account no 1: Banka Celje 06000-0001199122

Account no 2: Nova LB 02232-0020104463

Account no 3: Nova KBM 04515-0000909883