Social responsibility

Pivovarna Laško is aware of its social responsibility, which is reflected through sponsorships and donations. Sponsorships are mainly directed towards sport marketing; however, the company also supports culture, education, projects in the field of environment protection, science, and different one-off projects.


Sponsorships and donations contribute greatly to the reputation of the company and its brand names. For this reason, the brewery will continue to implement the social responsibility strategy of the company in the future. 


The company is also aware of the importance of preserving the environment and undertakes to follow the guidelines of a sustainable development.   


Pivovarna Laško is also heavily involved in the local environment, which is reflected by investments in the maintenance and renovation of the local infrastructure, it offers the residents of Laško a wide variety of cultural and entertainment events in the Laško Cultural Centre and numerous sports events at the Sports Hall Tri lilije.




Pivovarna Laško is aware of its social responsibility. Accordingly, it will continue the strategy of a socially responsible company in the future.